New begginings

Hello and welcome to my world allow me to introduce myself I am Kierren Barnfield and at this moment in time I am studying Artist Designer Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan Llandaff.

And this is my blog Kierren Maker Matter

For the next three years and hopefully the future beyond I will be posting the day to day goings on of being a maker in Cardiff from the briefs, constellation, exhibition work , artist research the successes to the failures all of which I hope in time will make me the artist designer or maker I know I can one day achieve and look back on with pride and realise just how far I can go in this mad but brilliant world.

I hope that you enjoy and maybe even inspired as am I by the work I am currently making with processes, machinery and materials most of which I have never used before.

Feel free to leave any comments or opinions of my work and thank you for deciding to follow me on this journey to wherever I go. And good luck with your journey to come lets make it a blast.


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