In today’s key skills constellation talk with Theo Humphries we were introduced to researching into the history of the subject we intend to find out more about. Also we were introduced to the idea that when we access information we are not necessarily seeing the whole collection of knowledge or a one sided debate on the subject in question. We were also introduced to effectively analysing a text and the vocabulary used to symbolise the level of knowledge and level of the person writing the article. This talk was extremely useful and will be beneficial when researching suitable topics that can be linked to the baby cage essay.


DR Alexandros the future of sonic arts

Alexandros’s talk today was on the topic of sonic arts being a subject field that focuses more on sound creating an image in the mind rather than an image on-screen seen through the eyes and interpreted by the mind. Alexandros also showed the development of music in particular sonic arts and how this has developed throughout the years to where it is at now. A key part of this talk that interested me and externally on videos found on you tube was using objects to create sound in a set-up much like a game of mousetrap where a chain reaction of objects creates a domino effect all the way to the end.


In today’s key skills constellation with Mahnaz Shah we were introduced to the idea of why we are here and how our minds are trained to think in comparison to others within our own group on different courses. As a small group and individually we were asked to give our honest opinion on what appears to be a sculpture shaped like wings, with the idea of making you think what is this image really a design, sculpture or something else. This is where we learned that we all have different opinions but the purpose was to show that there is no right or wrong answer as our interpretation will always be different to everyone else. And from this concept we will be able to effectively tackle the baby cage essay and what is being asked of us.


In today’s key skills constellation with Jenny Godfrey we were introduced to the library systems and electronic resources available throughout your degree study and how to effectively use the university search engine known as summon, also we learned how to access the resources on-line such as summon and where to go to find a particular book in relation to its subject within the building, and how to loan these books from the library. From this keys skill talk I learnt not only to use summon but also how to evaluate an image more in-depth than I have in the past which as a maker in my current brief on the topic of (making materials matter) was invaluable.

DR Jon Clarkson Post Perspective

Jon Clarkson’s talk focused on the idea of post perspective, an idea that intends to make the viewer question how they see the world and how they see a piece of work that is the fundamental to the idea of post perspective. this lecture also showed that perspective in photography can make the viewer question whether they can see the object the image describes is being shown using photography as a means to show movement much like futurists artist produced work with arrows to symbolise that in reality the image would be moving. Also showing how the way images and technology has changed the way images are portrayed.

From this talk to my understanding perspective is how we view the world and how we translate an image on paper and reality much like the process used by artists specialising in life drawing or self-portraits.


In today’s key skills constellation seminar with Alexandros we were introduced to the idea of sonic art, a subject that uses sound to build an image in your head whilst listening to it creating a visual image rather than an actual image on-screen. From this talk I was able to understand the concept of sonic art and how you can draw or visualize what you are hearing and how you can explain this to someone else. From this talk to my understanding the purpose was to show a different way of looking at an image and a way that I have never heard of or used when looking at an image. The idea of sonic arts interests me and I hope at some point during my study’s in one of my final piece to connect the idea of how the texture of a surface could influence or make a person feel a certain way.

week one project (Habitat)

week one group project using a mixed variety of materials we created a habitat box that’s purpose was to be a place of escape from the outside world.

DSC_0710[1] DSC_0709[1] DSC_0708[1] DSC_0707[1] DSC_0706[1]