Metal workshop

In today’s metal workshop with Dallas I learnt how to use the machinery traditionally/usually used by artists or makers using forms of metal in their work, which range from those that cut materials to those that augment and attach metal to other materials at the owners discretion.

these are some examples of the machinery used

Pressure Plate :- used for cutting to size and shape a piece of metal


Spot-Welder :- for fusing metal parts together


Roller :- used for shaping and augmenting straight sheet metal


Angler :- used for shaping metal to a 90 degree angle


Guillotine :- used for removing excess metal from piece


Mechanical Handsaw :- used for cutting rods of metal


Tin Cutter :- used for cutting sheet metal into circular shapes


Plasma Cutter :- used to cut through sheet metal to create designs similar to the process of etching used in printmaking but on an industrial scale


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