making materials matter update (formative assessment) 2

piece 2 – my second piece has kept to the original idea of being a piece that combines the idea of optical illusion and minimalism with the intention of making the viewer believe the surface is flat were in fact parts are actually sticking out or the use of colour is giving the illusion of a greater size than there actually is

  • i have now completed experimental wooden pieces focusing on layering of materials and patterns that from observation give the effect of 3D and 2D design, also i have created experimental line drawings study s that I intend to replicate onto materials to act as experimental pieces before constructing the final piece, also I have made a Marquette that roughly shows how i intend my final piece to look like.

IMAG1096 IMAG1097 IMAG1100


update for making materials brief update (formative assessment) 1

piece one –¬†emotive art piece

  • I have now completed the cast of the torso and have created a variety of textured pattern surfaces in clay using a variety of different surfaced objects ready for assessment tomorrow to symbolise the different feelings of a person ranging from the feelings that make you happy to those that make you sad. And I hope to show the development of my idea to the extent that my piece will no longer fully concentrate on the idea of an accurate cast of a torso with textured surfaces but a textured surface of smooth and rough surfaces symbolising good and bad emotions and the idea of whether technology or humanity which is really in control.

IMAG1043 IMAG1099