Research pictures around Newport part 1


Lights on Newport bridge reminded me of a Victorian looking design.


Another example of Newport Castle.


Dragon sculpture located near Newport Castle.


Newport bridge linking to Caerleon and Spytty.


Newport sculpture located by the Riverfront theatre.



Further examples on the mosaic mural of methods of transport for coal.


Mosaic mural depicting vehicles and transport systems used to transfer coal from one area to another.


Part of Newport castle.


Visual evidence of Power and Technology

Plan of action for today

Today to begin my research portfolio for the Field project on the topic of Power and Technology I visited my local library to find visual evidence in the form of photographs, Showing how my local town/city of Newport has changed over the years as power and technological advances are made and there affect on the local area from before I was born to now which I hope will be the basic start point for my project and the evidence will back this up when presented and displayed for assessment.

Feedback from later on …

Today I was able to find exactly what I needed for my research unfortunately due to legal processes and library policies I am unable to use any of the research images or photographs, But this means that a lot of the images used will be my own and the few I am unable to take myself will come from external sources online so onwards and upwards.

Power and Technology research

Following last week’s brief meeting where we had to choose between the three areas available which are


Power and technology

The hidden city

I have decided to produce an outcome for the assessment at the end of this unit that focuses on the idea of Power and Technology and along with this outcome a ranged catalogue of work ranging from brainstorms on the topic to initial designs and an accurate visual study of my final piece.

Drawing Technique Workshop

In todays workshop as individuals and as part of a group we experimented with different types of drawing techniques and ways of looking at the world as an image and how to translate this onto the page in front of you and these are the outcomes.


Interpretation of time passing (30 mins) to be precise from the imagination.


Study using imagination and abstract expression whilst following the line on the page.


study of a chair from an angle using linear study and tone.


Study of the support of a chair by using a curved line as a starting and shaping point.

I found this workshop really helpful as my drawing skills is one of the areas that I struggle with and I hope with practice and time I will be able to improve and show this improvement throughout my time on this course and after into the unknown.

Group drawing techniques demo

Today along with the rest of my group we were taught four basic principles of drawing and how to interpret your approach to drawing and producing 4 drawings of A2 size on each area respectively from around the room, objects found or around other areas on the campus.

these four areas covered linear drawing using an area within your surroundings from an existing line on the paper, finding a shape that matches the line on the paper, using abstract expression to create an image only visible within your mind and a means to show time passing through imagery as representation.

Constellation term 2 option decision time

Following my returning to Cardiff for the second term of maker myself and all other art students chose from eight options from 8 individual constellation tutors who if picked w would be studying with for the next eight weeks and by the 14th of May a 2500 word essay of relevance to what we have learnt in the eight weeks will be produced. These choices were

  • Constructing movements in art and design – Andy Broadey
  • After modernism – Jon Clarkson
  • Entropy, Ecology and modernity – Morag Colquhoun
  • Smells like teen spirit – Cath Davies
  • Sonic Arts – Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos
  • Body in society – Ashley Morgan
  • Transparency literal and phenomenal – Mahnaz Shah
  • Expressing the unseen – Martyn Woodard

to be honest I had difficulty deciding who was my top 3 choices and which weren’t. Immediately there were two that I didn’t really understand, one that I couldn’t really relate to the topics of the option. So five options were left and my top three where

  • Expressing the unseen – Martyn Woodard
  • Sonic Arts – Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos
  • Constructing movements in art and design – Andy Broadey

these three options all appeared to me for different reasons. Sonic Arts due to the topics and enthusiasm of the tutor, Constructing movements due to the broad range of art movements being looked at and finally expressing the unseen due to how the mind develops and perceives things. Now all that remains is to wait and see which of the three choices or worst case scenario the other five I am to be studying.