Revealing the language (pdp)

As part of todays lecture of using drawing as a material and the base elements of such materials, we individually drew a shape on a piece of paper in this case a circle using the desk to keep on the pressure, then we were asked using a buddy to draw a smaller or larger version of that exact shape whilst your buddy was holding it in the air which is a pain needless to say to do. Using this I selected a few materials and processes to meet the requirements of the task being asked:

Paint on surface – painting on a smooth surface


Painting on a surface the artist can control to extent but our reliance depends on whether the paint will run, more paint will build in some areas more than others or become significantly darker and lighter in some areas over others. making this material controllable to our individual needs but uncontrollable to extent when used.

Throwing a pot – throwing a pot on a wheel

potting  pot 2

Of all materials so far throwing and the clay used in the process has been the most difficult with the first image depicting the correct way of forming a pot and the second another type that is a mix of made that way or gone that way as the clay becomes unstable making the material with practice and patience controllable but also a lot of trial and error making the potter have varied control over the success or failure of the outcome.

Cutting glass – cutting sheet glass using cutter and frit crusher

cutting glass

This process just like most for artists in all fields is a 50/50 chance of working, when working in glass in comparison to drawing the cut isn’t always straight and when removing a piece runs the risk of cracking or breaking the rest of the sheet . With practice the process becomes easier but not always does it work so I would state this is something about the material that we have no control over.


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