Feedback for city project (individual)

Today’s feedback with Ingrid for my individual tutorial was very helpful and has directed me in a more beneficial path for the creating the best possible look of my final piece on the subject of the City under the definition of Power and Technology.

My proposed and eventual final piece for this subject is an installation/sculpture piece that takes aspects of the city of Cardiff where I am studying for the next 3 years and Newport where I currently live and I will be focusing in particular the architecture and the shape and composition of the buildings old and new. And the aimed visual piece I hope will be a cityscape of broad variety constructed into the form of a person from the waist upwards.

To achieve this I constructed a really rough Marquette in blue foam to highlight the shape of the intended final piece and highlight at this stage the strengths and weaknesses of not just the look but the outcome idea itself.

From this tutorial I know that the concept and the idea is great but further development is needed to move the process to this stage. To accomplish this I will take more images on my camera of architecture and building shapes from around Cardiff and Newport and photocopy these and physically place them on a chuck which is a solid shaped piece of plaster which I will be learning to make and manipulate in my lathe induction in the next few weeks.

As well as this dependant on the time left to complete all the work there is a possibility of a short animation depicting the process of this pieces creation.


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