Constellation Essay

Now that the second term has ended and the third term is imminent I now have to focus in my mind a topic for my 2500 word essay. To do this I looked back on my notes and previous posts regarding constellation to see if this can give me a clearer vision of my objective and I decided to focus on a particular idea or rather a particular question regarding art and the artists themselves of the movement known as street art, Graffiti or urban at dependant on your own individual interpretation or representation in your mind.

I decided this as well an individual that wants to strive to create a career that spans into many areas this is a excellent topic to study as one way you can look is the aesthetically pleasing output and attention to detail on the smallest to the largest pieces. And then there is the vandalism side which borderlines the topic of what classes as art and what is essentially damage to government and authority property a debate which still goes on today all around the world.

By the end of this essay I hope to achieve a essay that demonstrates my reason for choosing the topic, the key facts, the arguments for and against and the topic and a conclusion to sum up the overall appeal.


Constellation week seven brief swap

Now with only two weeks left of constellation before finalising our essays ready for deadline we were set our final task of swapping briefs and being divided in best fit to the needs of the brief.

so one group was made of Graphics, Product design, Textiles and half of Illustration

and the other is

the rest of Illustration, Fine art, Ceramics and Makers

these were then the briefs with my group taking on the second task

brief 1

brief 2

Due to¬†conflicting schedules being in different courses and other reasons as a group we only met once as well as after the lecture, so we discussed briefly an idea that could become a reality but due to the nature of the task didn’t actually have to be something that was physically possible to do. Taking this into account individually we all came to the conclusion of the lift and stairs within the art and design building where we are all situated. We constructed arguments for why people use the stairs and why they use the lift and how we could make a lift more interactive or interactive for the occupants.

Field project rundownfor assessment

At this point I have collected all the relevant images I need to complete this outcome, but due to the quality of the chuck pieces I need to make I will have to finish the majority of them off in the next term and place the images onto the plaster which I am not currently sure what to do but the priority of completing all of the plaster pieces must come first. Overall I believe that the idea has moved slowly and will show in the sketchbooks how far things have developed and what still needs to be done.

As addition to completing the final piece I intend to research into architecture of the past to find the ancestory behind the structures of my images to show a more varied block of research.

Danny Quirk, Sue Webster

As part of more than one of my pieces Danny quirk is an influence behind this piece in particular due to the method behind his process. For those that are unfamiliar with his work Danny is a fully established illustrator artist that’s major body of work focuses on the idea of bringing to the surface skin what lies underneath the skin – anatomy of the human body. This links to my piece a I wish to take the human body in particular focusing on the torso up to the head using images of architecture around the city symbolic hopefully to the area of the body they will be on.

here are some valuable links of his work unfortunately at this time I am not able to post images of his work but I will find a way asap

as well as Danny Quirk by Ingrid’s recommendation I researched into Sue Webster who uses recycled and discarded items to create human form like structures which at first puzzled me as to how she achieved this and at a later stage with more time¬†I will look into.

Description 50 words or so

My field project is intend to focus on the shape of the city of Cardiff and the shape of the human body and how the two are different as well as the same. the architecture and shape of the city is manipulated onto plaster solid casts and manipulated together to show the form of the person and the details of the images of the city.

plaster shaped cast experiments

With the assessment for the individual field project tomorrow I completed a series of solid plaster casts in particular a dome shape tat would make up the head part of my architecture human shaped piece. this time around I decided to cast plaster into a circular shaped lid and then once it was dry remove it and place the solid plaster piece into a clay pot wall and pour a liquid know as Vinamold which is especially good at not just forming around the shape but the details of the sheet. unfortunately when removing the plaster the plaster piece cracked and the cast was damaged which has resulted in a dent on the top of the piece which is visible on all of the pieces. So after this assessment I will redo the casts as the plaster doesn’t have to be completely perfect but has to be of a good enough standard for images to be put on.

IMAG0453 IMAG0454

Plaster chuck cast workshop and field project piece

Having discussed in advance with Ingrid my idea for the field project, it was suggested that to better achieve this goal I should collect all the images I intend to use and speak to Caroline the plaster technician to create a series of solid plaster chucks to form the shape of the body and the shape of the images of the design. To do this would require experimentation to see which method will create the best look and is the most time efficient for the whole piece in work and any outstanding work as well.

But before this I booked to be inducted on the plaster lathe which is very similar in process to the woodturning workshop with Nigel except this time you have to cast a chuck which is basically a block of solid plaster shaped like a cylinder that is then screwed onto the lathe tuner machine and with a series of different shaped chisels cut into to even out the piece as well as get the required shape.

As well as the woodturning workshop I really enjoyed this workshop as it has allowed me to take my final piece in a new direction that will make it more time efficient, as well as a higher quality piece.


solid plaster cylinder waiting to dry to manipulate tomorrow.


Chuck cast dried out and chuck plate that the plaster will be poured into and the chuck plate attachment for the plaster lathe turning machine.