Brain/Eye idea (collab piece) research

As a group between us we highlighted the parts of the body we wanted to put into the final piece such as the eyes, liver and other major organs. After deciding this we then decided between us which parts we wanted to do and what ideas we had to work on at this stage.

I put forward to do one of the eyes and the brain of the piece. I decided to choose these parts in particular as the idea I intend to put forward that hopefully will show through in the final outcome is of a similar origin to my final piece for the individual field project on my maker course. In both my collaborative piece and individual piece I wanted to link the idea of the city and the person being the same and different at the same time.

For the Eye I replaced the retina and middle of the eye with a clock to symbolise the idea that the eye is like a viewer of time in the sense of everything passing by and a clock is like a visual symbolism of time passing by.

For the Brain I took pictures like the clock face idea around Cardiff of art installations/sculptures that have a meaning and representation behind them such as the face by the Senedd building representing the lives lost in battle.

Hopefully I aim to get this message across in both pieces and hopefully this will come to those viewing the piece and when it is being assessed.


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