Plaster chuck cast workshop and field project piece

Having discussed in advance with Ingrid my idea for the field project, it was suggested that to better achieve this goal I should collect all the images I intend to use and speak to Caroline the plaster technician to create a series of solid plaster chucks to form the shape of the body and the shape of the images of the design. To do this would require experimentation to see which method will create the best look and is the most time efficient for the whole piece in work and any outstanding work as well.

But before this I booked to be inducted on the plaster lathe which is very similar in process to the woodturning workshop with Nigel except this time you have to cast a chuck which is basically a block of solid plaster shaped like a cylinder that is then screwed onto the lathe tuner machine and with a series of different shaped chisels cut into to even out the piece as well as get the required shape.

As well as the woodturning workshop I really enjoyed this workshop as it has allowed me to take my final piece in a new direction that will make it more time efficient, as well as a higher quality piece.


solid plaster cylinder waiting to dry to manipulate tomorrow.


Chuck cast dried out and chuck plate that the plaster will be poured into and the chuck plate attachment for the plaster lathe turning machine.


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