Danny Quirk, Sue Webster

As part of more than one of my pieces Danny quirk is an influence behind this piece in particular due to the method behind his process. For those that are unfamiliar with his work Danny is a fully established illustrator artist that’s major body of work focuses on the idea of bringing to the surface skin what lies underneath the skin – anatomy of the human body. This links to my piece a I wish to take the human body in particular focusing on the torso up to the head using images of architecture around the city symbolic hopefully to the area of the body they will be on.



here are some valuable links of his work unfortunately at this time I am not able to post images of his work but I will find a way asap

as well as Danny Quirk by Ingrid’s recommendation I researched into Sue Webster who uses recycled and discarded items to create human form like structures which at first puzzled me as to how she achieved this and at a later stage with more time I will look into.



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