Constellation week seven brief swap

Now with only two weeks left of constellation before finalising our essays ready for deadline we were set our final task of swapping briefs and being divided in best fit to the needs of the brief.

so one group was made of Graphics, Product design, Textiles and half of Illustration

and the other is

the rest of Illustration, Fine art, Ceramics and Makers

these were then the briefs with my group taking on the second task

brief 1

brief 2

Due to conflicting schedules being in different courses and other reasons as a group we only met once as well as after the lecture, so we discussed briefly an idea that could become a reality but due to the nature of the task didn’t actually have to be something that was physically possible to do. Taking this into account individually we all came to the conclusion of the lift and stairs within the art and design building where we are all situated. We constructed arguments for why people use the stairs and why they use the lift and how we could make a lift more interactive or interactive for the occupants.


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