Constellation Essay

Now that the second term has ended and the third term is imminent I now have to focus in my mind a topic for my 2500 word essay. To do this I looked back on my notes and previous posts regarding constellation to see if this can give me a clearer vision of my objective and I decided to focus on a particular idea or rather a particular question regarding art and the artists themselves of the movement known as street art, Graffiti or urban at dependant on your own individual interpretation or representation in your mind.

I decided this as well an individual that wants to strive to create a career that spans into many areas this is a excellent topic to study as one way you can look is the aesthetically pleasing output and attention to detail on the smallest to the largest pieces. And then there is the vandalism side which borderlines the topic of what classes as art and what is essentially damage to government and authority property a debate which still goes on today all around the world.

By the end of this essay I hope to achieve a essay that demonstrates my reason for choosing the topic, the key facts, the arguments for and against and the topic and a conclusion to sum up the overall appeal.


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