Constellation essay feedback

Following my tutorial with Martyn my constellation tutor for expressing the unseen I put forward everything I have done for my essay during the holidays in preparation for the deadline hand in on may 14th to see how well things are doing and what he sees from his view regarding the positives and the negatives of the work so far to give me advice on what to expect when marking the final piece.

To my surprise but this can be put down to confidence and the way my mind works issues, Martyn was really pleased with the progress I had made and pointed me in the right direction in regards to the layout and the content that was missing or I was unsure of putting into the completed essay.

It is my intention that my essay:-

  • Introduces the topic and the content of the essay
  • Why there is a problem and there isn’t
  • Arguments for and against
  • How my theories of study can develop a suitable conclusion
  • What have I learned that I previously didn’t know

and much more. And once this has been assessed I will be able to see what went well and what didn’t go so well to take into account when I am writing my dissertation in the future.


Constellation essay proposal

Now that constellation has finished the next few weeks of the final term will be divided between my essay and any outstanding work. On the subject of my essay I have decided to focus on the topic of Street Art. My reasoning as a maker student for this topic was due to the broad interest around the world as well as in Cardiff on the subject and with a template essay structure of how I am expected to lay it out I strongly believe that this will provide an interesting read as well as a balanced view on the subject, and finally show my tutor my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing an essay to better prepare me for proposing my dissertation piece in the second year and writing the dissertation in the third year.

Experiments with paint for optical illusion piece

Today I began experimenting with offcut pieces of wood a selection of wood paints to give me an idea of what the outcome piece will look like altogether and whether this will work for the purpose of the piece or against it.

IMAG0462 IMAG0461

(Paints and experimental wood samples.)

my reason for doing this is simple. For my final piece I intend to create a series of wooden outcomes and other materials such as clay if all goes to plan to create my own optical illusion pieces based on artist influence and methods of practice. A risk that I am taking at this stage is to see whether colour such as the primary and secondary colours of an artist will work and produce the same effect, As practically all of the images I have found whilst researching the topic focus on black and white but there are a few that mix between them both. I hope by the end of this project that I can show a series of pieces that bond the research, artist examples and my own examples together rather than something that looks like a carbon copy which is not the intended feedback I hope to get. Once these paint experiments have dried I will touch up any gaps in the paint and apply a sealant layer of varnish to keep them clean and appealing to the eye as well as to see if the varnish alters the colour poignancy of the idea before the final piece is finished and displayed for assessment.

Constellation week eight (presentation)

As a group we decided to stick with our idea of making the large lift within the Art and Design building more interactive, so we decided how would you make something designed to get people place to place interactive in the sense that they wouldn’t be able to get where they need to go without achieving something like an activity or some form of physical exercise, bearing in mind that the number of people in the lift would affect how this process would work.

When presenting this idea the feedback was positive and Martyn liked the idea and pointed out the snags with the concept that we discovered and knew were going to come up, plus it was nice to show this idea to the rest of our lecture group and see the work of the other groups with hilarious results as well as a video that is unusual to say the least