Experiments with paint for optical illusion piece

Today I began experimenting with offcut pieces of wood a selection of wood paints to give me an idea of what the outcome piece will look like altogether and whether this will work for the purpose of the piece or against it.

IMAG0462 IMAG0461

(Paints and experimental wood samples.)

my reason for doing this is simple. For my final piece I intend to create a series of wooden outcomes and other materials such as clay if all goes to plan to create my own optical illusion pieces based on artist influence and methods of practice. A risk that I am taking at this stage is to see whether colour such as the primary and secondary colours of an artist will work and produce the same effect, As practically all of the images I have found whilst researching the topic focus on black and white but there are a few that mix between them both. I hope by the end of this project that I can show a series of pieces that bond the research, artist examples and my own examples together rather than something that looks like a carbon copy which is not the intended feedback I hope to get. Once these paint experiments have dried I will touch up any gaps in the paint and apply a sealant layer of varnish to keep them clean and appealing to the eye as well as to see if the varnish alters the colour poignancy of the idea before the final piece is finished and displayed for assessment.


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