Constellation essay feedback

Following my tutorial with Martyn my constellation tutor for expressing the unseen I put forward everything I have done for my essay during the holidays in preparation for the deadline hand in on may 14th to see how well things are doing and what he sees from his view regarding the positives and the negatives of the work so far to give me advice on what to expect when marking the final piece.

To my surprise but this can be put down to confidence and the way my mind works issues, Martyn was really pleased with the progress I had made and pointed me in the right direction in regards to the layout and the content that was missing or I was unsure of putting into the completed essay.

It is my intention that my essay:-

  • Introduces the topic and the content of the essay
  • Why there is a problem and there isn’t
  • Arguments for and against
  • How my theories of study can develop a suitable conclusion
  • What have I learned that I previously didn’t know

and much more. And once this has been assessed I will be able to see what went well and what didn’t go so well to take into account when I am writing my dissertation in the future.


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