Constellation PDP

Since coming to Cardiff Met to study artist designer maker I have found settling in and keeping up to deadlines difficult and although I am meeting these deadlines I believe that I can do better and hopefully look back and see the major difference in the way I am performing in the individual areas of my course. At this moment in time even with two shorts essays completed and submitted I am struggling to write on an academic scale and due to this I am unsure whether my essays will make the pass or fail, however constellation from the massive talks to smaller group lectures and option lectures have helped me gain more confidence in my abilities and feedback will hopefully push me in the right direction where I am struggling in preparation for future assignments.

When writing my first essay entitled “the baby cage” Cath Davies talk on examining an image was really useful and is something that I have honestly not come across during my A-Level and Gcse’s  essay writing. this helped me to take the object then analyse the object and describe what you feel is being said and define what you have found from the image which since that talk I have noticed I am thinking more about such as when I am creating a final piece, I examine in my own mind why after the decision process this is my final outcome, why this material is more suitable than another, what I would like the viewer of the piece to think when they see it and whether I want them to interact and how do I get them to interact with the piece to add external value to the piece. since cath’s talk I have pushed myself to examine images and my own work more and how what I am finding is relevant which has helped me fine tune what info I use at the beginning of my projects which has affected the final look of the workload and piece in comparison to projects I did outside of uni which pretty much-branched out in to many directions and the piece was visibly affected by this.

Another interesting and valuable lecture talk was by Jenny Godfrey who works in the university library, due to past experiences on my foundation course I discovered that two things had significantly got worse the first was that I wouldn’t approach anyone to ask for help especially with the baby cage essay needing to be done and speaking to an individual and a group of people as a whole terrified me for many reasons and is still something I am trying to improve on. After Jenny Godfrey’s talk I felt more confident speaking to a group of fellow students and that I could approach members of staff without fear of being an annoyance. Also from this talk I learned about how to use the library systems such as how to find a book on the uni system known as Summon, how to reference a book correctly or any form of evidence and how once you have found a book how to check the book into your account for the period allowed for the book to be out of the library which I have done more and more in order to further develop my knowledge on the subjects and areas I am using in my projects to show I am willing to develop and improve on my strengths and my weaknesses and see where they take me not just in my degree but also the career I aim to accomplish by the end of this course.

Also within the second term I had to choose which of eight options for constellation I related to the most, having decided whilst on foundation to try new things and take risks that would pay off I was torn between sonic arts which I enjoyed because I knew nothing about, constructing movements that covered a wide range of art movements which throughout my work I have noticed I am building quite a collection of and expressing the unseen. honestly from reading the descriptions of all three I went for Martyn Woodward’s option as his lectures seemed to best suit what my course is all about and how we must observe and think about what we make which the basis of his talks were aiming at and open my mind to new ways of thinking and analysing images and ways of thinking. In particular Ernst Gombrich theory involving the imagery of a rhinoceros I related to as I have found myself imagining what the piece is and how I will make it but have completely overlooked some important stages in between that will majorly decide whether the piece will work or even if the piece can be made this way. From Martyns lectures I have gone away and re evaluated my work from the course so far and annotated to see how my mind thought before the lectures and how I think about things in more depth now which has changed the overall look of the work I am presenting and the ways I go around doing this and presenting the evidence of this.

Even with all this knowledge I am still worried about the overall quality of my 2500 word essay and whether the topic is suitable  and can be linked between the theories and research i have been learning about for the eight weeks of constellation with Martyn. I have found constellation challenging overall and the major detailed parts difficult to understand but i have now developed a better understanding of what is being said and asked of me and put my hesitation and worry down to the fact that officially i have never been to uni before and instead of panicking about not understanding things i should take my time and think things through and eventually i will be more confident that things are going right and when things go wrong how i can correct them.


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