Giving some heart (subject outcome)

After a lot of trial and error and stress I finally finished of my two heart pieces ready for firing next week. The idea behind this piece which hopefully when being assessed will show a Fine Art direction aims to make the viewer see the common similarity’s between ourselves and technology. Speaking as a person who struggles with many things technology being one of them I wanted this piece to show that technology isn’t something that we should be afraid of because it has changed and helped our lives individually so much and it cant all be the doom and gloom that older generations who didn’t have access to these resources at our age think. To some extent technology can overpower us but the reasoning behind the clay heart is symbolic more than any of the intended pieces for this outcome.

Originally I wanted to start uni fighting by creating a piece that would be a ceramic torso upwards life-size cast, But now with restrictions on cost of materials and time I know that this was a very ambitious idea so I went back to the drawing board to rethink the outcome as my tutor feedback was all positive for the idea and the links just not so much for the outcome overall at this moment in time.

Taking this into account I decided don’t focus to much on what the final piece will be experiment through drawings and materials more and from this then you will have a more fine-tuned idea. From this I created a set of hand’s, two hearts and a head piece idea combining the idea of the human body and cybernetics.

Through experiments I discovered that to create a realistic looking head with the details of the face I would have to make a cast in mod rock of the head and an alginate mask to capture the details of my friends face, for that  I would have to create a two part or one part cast to capture the details of the skin of my hand as well as the right looking shape and positioning. And finally I would have to find a suitable and realistic looking heart image to give me a template to base my clay piece on and for colour glaze ideas ready for after the pieces have come out of the kiln for bisque firing.

Also whilst keeping fingers crossed the heart pieces doesn’t explode in the kiln I decided to fine tune this outcome to my artist research, by aiming to produce a series of illustrations that on Photoshop I will aim to manipulate onto skin and print out to show relation to the work of medical illustrator artist Danny Quirk for display in my end of year exhibition display.


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