Illustrations for field project

Changing the idea for my field project outcome due to tutor feedback at assessment I decided to develop the idea using the template of the original but combining it with the processes used in the group project.

My original idea for my field piece was to take images around Cardiff and Cardiff bay respectively and manipulate these onto solid blocks of plaster of varying shapes and sizes much like the plaster used for making a mould for slip casting only without being hollow and the shape of the object and its details within.

My new idea from tutor feedback opinion is to create a series of individual drawing study’s of the upper part of the human body and illustrate these designs using parts of the city with the aim of these study’s and the overall piece put together showing my belief that the city and the person have more in common than we realise.

With this set in mind my aim for the exhibition is to have three illustrations of around A2/A3 size depicting the skin the skeleton and the organs underneath which with foil and a presser print attempt to add colour to the design. Also I will hope that I can expand on my skills, ideas and outcome using Photoshop and artist influence and transferring images onto different surface materials to show development and concentration of ideas.


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