Glazing and firing (heart piece)

Thankfully after much trial and error I have been able to put my hollowed and dried heart pieces in the kiln for firing for the end of the week to be glazed, from this I have developed more of an understanding of the process of firing such as the temperatures as well as the different types of clay as well as the glazes and which are suitable for the clays and which aren’t to avoid any problems within the kiln especially with not long to go till the end of year assessment.



In preparation for the pieces coming out tomorrow, and at this point I don’t know if they are in one piece I searched through a selection of ceramic glaze books to find suitable colours in relation to the project and the meaning of the pieces.

For my human heart piece I wanted to create a pop arty look with bright and appealing colours, and to contrast my robotic looking heart I wanted to show darker colours to give a more hardened look for the idea behind cybernetics and hopefully these pieces would show the idea that technology can become a part of us and maybe even save us.

In order to achieve these glazes I first had to find the desired colours such as:-

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black

Then using the template formula I mixed the correct ingredients to give me the desired effect, which was easier than I thought as I was panicking as measuring amounts is not something im really good at. From this I was recommended to double the amount of each ingredient within the glaze to make sure I don’t run out halfway through as glazing in order to get the best finish requires two to three layers which to extent also changes the brightness of the outcome when fired which is something you pretty much have to wait and see the results.


glazes mixed awaiting outcomes t come out of bisque firing.


Respirator for use when measuring ingredients with high toxicity.


To measure accurately the amount of the different formulas




Containers for glaze mixtures and scoops for measuring.




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