PDP activities

Using the material of glass as a basis my interactions with the material as part of a “dance of agency” perception I collect the piece from the stored collection in the cupboard and place it on the carpented surface of the table, next I clean the piece and check for any damages such as chips or cracks that could affect the quality of work or any smudges, and any wet areas on the glass on either side that could cause me to slip or the cutter. Next with an inquired design in mind I cut the glass template in four as my hand holds a tight grip on the cutter as a solid mechanism of movement. As the next part unfolds I cut the desired colour pieces of float glass and position them in place to see whether they work or whether they are to big or incorrectly shaped. Next with all the pieces ready all that remains is to remove any sharp points using a cutter pad grinding the side of the glass as the hand morphs to the shape of the cutter pad for the best possible effect. With the prep, designing, cutting, positioning and drying all complete now the piece must be fired. As this was a trial piece being the first time I have ever used this material the piece was in four shapes and carried two floors down to the kiln and carefully positioned inside the kiln along with other works to be fired and fused and cooled ready to be removed a few days later. As it wasn’t intended to be a one piece the dance of agency took place as the end result was impressive and from that point it was moulded together as one and sank to give a curb shape effect from above and from a side angle view.

The experience of writing this sentence begins when I notice that my posture is more sitting up and paying attention as the mind-set of doing something affects my posture when I am not physically writing, as when I am not writing or anything that involves the physical process of making a piece of work my posture loosens up. as I move the pen writing on the pen I notice that my hand seizes up to maintain grip on the surface of the pen as it crosses from the beginning of the page on the left to the end of the page on the right. When writing such as an essay for example I notice that my control over the pen is more tight and alert so the quality of work on the page is at its best and my hand appears to have adapted to the shape of my pen in fluid movement as I write on the page and leave the page for the next line as if the pen is now a part of my physical hand. As the surroundings around me at the time differ the pressure and concentration of my hand on the pen differs in strength and quality. Having finished the paragraph I have been writing, and comparing the feelings in my left (writing hand) to my right hand I notice that the muscles of my arm and hand are more constricted and tighter and less easier to feel as well as the colour of my skin being slightly darker and moulded to the way I was holding my pen when writing.

As a group my idea for using a car as the object of analysis was used which I was quite surprised about due to the ideas that were being mentioned by the other members of our group. Using the three areas the object must meet which are

  • Normalizing happiness
  • Selling good news
  • Demonizing evil

A car can be seen as normalizing happiness for many reasons such as getting us from one location to another within a quicker period than walking would especially to other countries or around other countries abroad and has larger capacities to carry than a person could carry at a single point. Selling good news is that cars represent a growing economic climate for retailers and petrol companies, and in regards to evil purposes they can be dangerous to pedestrians, cause serious accidents, pollution caused by exhausts, number of vehicles on the road and causes traffic build up.

taking this into consideration I came up with the idea and presented this idea to the group that realistically speaking the biggest problem with cars is pollution so the objective would be to find a way to make pollution the co2 produced by cars more beneficial for the environment in some way. to do this I stated why not redesign cars and the petrol within to produce smaller amounts over time of carbon dioxide so that plant life can over a long distance accommodate the demand being given.

When thinking of an object that could influence the shape of the body I focused on in general high heels as a fashion and medical stance, High heels are used to give women greater height as well as part of their personal style as seen in magazines on TV and local shops, given that the foot is reasonably flat on the ground and a high heel is pointing the toes of the wearer at an angle to the surface floor which seems to only be beneficial for more height but over time could change the bone structure within the foot putting pressure on the area which should an accident occur result in bones being broken or permanently out-of-place, so in long-term the individual may not be able to walk as easily which will affect their daily routine dependant on the level of damage that could be caused, plus this could have a significant effect when not wearing high heels over long periods causing discomfort and cramp within the region as the bones re adjust


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