Artist statement Optics/Minamilism piece

For my first piece I wanted to try a simple but challenging idea of building a medium size wardrobe the equivalent of the size of a bedside cabinet and combining this with the criteria of the piece evidence being

Fine Art



this piece would link to the idea of craft as it serves a purpose hence its construction and fine art as I intend to create a minimalist/ optical illusion look. My reasoning for doing this is that the majority of furniture is formed with pattern textures within the wood with a brown stain applied on top so this would have a unique artistic use. Understandably as a first year student I believe that this is an outcome  that is to ambitious and may not work or will but will take up to much time and affect the quality of the outcomes throughout the year.

To achieve this I aim to either use a large amount of recycled wood or find a large quantity of wood for a reasonable price. Next I would Marquette these ideas to reduce the amount or level or errors that could occur to save as much time as possible. Once this has been done either using a band saw or a CNC milling machine from the fab lab department or even the laser cutters. Once this is done I will sand of any rough surfaces and edges and apply the stain to the pieces to see the finished look which is unpredictable at the best of times.

As an extension I would wax over the wood to keep the the quality at its best for as long as possible and add any other materials such as glass to the frames of the piece and possibly laser etch my own patterns onto the glass and wood to create a more interesting design and show developments of skills and understanding of materials and machinery.


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