Year in review

My first year as a maker student has been amazing, I have met so many new friends that I hope I will continue to know after I have graduated and began my journey on the career path in the wide open world. Before coming onto this course I had a rough idea of what I would like to see myself doing in the future which I hope is in the area of prop making for television/film and theatre and so on, my reasoning for choosing this course rather than a course specific to what I would like to do was down to the atmosphere of the uni and the broad range of materials and processes you can use throughout your three years on he course.

I have really enjoyed the workshops and the guidance of my tutors and the technicians of the individual departments within the university campus. In particular the glass workshop with Martyn was one of my favourites as this is a material that I have never worked in before and the experimental pieces turned out much better in my opinion than they should when you’re trialling and erroring a material.

My first year has been difficult to balance the workload of multiple workshops running in line with one another assessment deadlines and constellation essays and meetings within and outside of the course. Because of this I fear the outcomes at the end currently in exhibition will not be the best quality that I know I can achieve and match to the criteria I am being assessed on but I hope that with feedback and confidence that this is how all first years not matter what their age or whether they are in or out of uni think.

I do feel that I could have done so much better in assessments and my final pieces and hope that with more of an understating of myself and the materials and process at use this will be evident in my work.


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