Summing up the year

My first year at Cardiff met has definitely been quite a journey with highs and lows throughout. I will not lie in saying I am not disappointed in myself for the end results but rather than hanging on this negative feeling see this as a sign that I will get to the standard I know I can achieve but maybe not at the same pace as everyone else and should concentrate on my own strengths rather than what my friends on the course excel at which is the wrong mind-set to be thinking.

From this year I have visited Rome and the maker faire and visited my tutors house in La Perdrix, France. Not only that I have learnt many new skills and had access to materials that I have never used before and in some cases ever heard off.

I have really enjoyed learning the new processes such as woodturning, Raku firing, throwing and many more as well as learning how to operate the machinery and processes safely and to the university’s standard.

My overall feedback from the year quite literally red flagged concern about my quality of work and to some extent the context and ideas in the sense of their presentation resulting in a bare pass and a fail which will need to be resubmitted. However as a first year student I believe that to be in this position rather than getting a 2:1 or higher is better for me personally as I needed to know what I was doing well in and what I was failing in as this is the only way I would ever be able to improve which may seem stupid but it works for me.

Taking this into account I intend to the best of my ability practice and develop the skills I have learnt within uni and revisit the ideas that didn’t make the final piece which probably would have given me a better grade and be more relatable to the brief requirements and purpose behind the piece.

I am looking forward to my second year and hopefully showing my tutors I have taken on board their feedback and with that in mind I hope my final grade will be much better as at this stage this affects my final grade when I graduate so fingers crossed and hopefully I will be able to get my field options of

  • Work Experience


  • Faking it

so hopefully ill be able to gain more confidence in my abilities were my strengths lie and how to improve on my weaknesses and prepare myself for the kind of career I dream of having.


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