Field outcomes in general (resubmission)

My original outcome for field individual was to create a piece that reflected the shape of the cityscape but also the form of the person. Basically taking a series of shapes and forms of the city that when seeking the technician in photography’s assistance when lighted would produce a silhouette outline the form of the head and Ingrid my head tutor of the course in general recommended layering images onto solid blocks of plaster and arranging them in such a way that the lighting would show the look of the human head from a side angle. To do this Ingrid recommended I look into the work of Sue Webster and Tim Noble and whilst doing this I came across the work of James McNabb.

(Sue Webster and Tim Nobles work)

sue webster 1

This is what I intended to replicate to the best of my ability with the resources available but I panicked and left the idea and project to late to create a good enough outcome.

(James McNabb)

james mccnabb

And tis is how I intended it to look to the viewer but as explained panicking and worrying ruined it.


For my collaboration project as a group we went for an idea that I was trying to bring across in my individual outcome to a certain extent which was finding ways to bring aspects of the body and the city together. Difference being

the individual project was focused on images and shaping to create the form of a person


the collaborative piece was a selection of the bodily organs from the waist up individually in 2D format that would on publisher combined together into one piece as accurately as they can actually be to their location in the body. So the idea I wanted to show was looking at things from a different perspective and I hoped to show that collaboratively and individually

(project failure)

In the back of my mind I still wanted to go with the idea of architecture and shape but the outcome would have to change so I took some time to look back through my sketchbooks and see what could be done and where my strengths were coming from. So I decided to create my own images based on the piece done for collaboration and apply these to surfaces such as a vase for example. Unfortunately the material I need to do this known as Lazertran would have to be ordered and would not be delivered in time so I kept the images flat which led to the project failing. So now I have to wait and see what my feedback said and take it from there.


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