Putting plans into action (Re submission)

To build a connection I made notes on all my work in the separate aspects of the field modules and came to the conclusion that as a maker making 3D outcomes is what is expected of me so the link of architecture and shape came across in two different ways from both projects individual project with imagery and carving and manipulating to shape and collaborative of linking shape with the body and the process of that organ in the body, so the basis of architecture and shape was evident throughout and was discussed in both modules in depth.

In order to gain a better insight into the possibilities of what I could make I had to think of several things. These being

  • How could I relate the image and look of architecture and shape to a 3D outcome effectively to make the viewer see aspects of the city they may not have seen before.
  • Where would I imagine this piece  being  placed in the city/ why does it belong there/ what is its purpose.
  • How  will I trial and error this piece
  • How will I make this piece and what materials will it be made from.
  • How will I show what I need to do to make this piece professionally and why am I unable to do certain things.

By the end of this project before the August 14th deadline I will be aiming to answer these questions and any more that come up ready for assessment.


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