Architecture images lamps and holders (Resubmission)

Looking online I collected a few images that took my eye and analysed them for both lamp based architecture and candle/tea holder architecture pieces. These are a few of my favourites :-


This was the most basic of imagery I could find on architecture lamps. As a template I liked the idea of making a piece for the resubmission that was based on light but more in the sense of a piece that a light could be displayed in/placed in. looking through I found two more images based on architecture

lamp houses

These lamps by architecture artist Lauren Daley from San Francisco caught my eye due to the shape and it wasn’t until I looked further in that I realised the shapes were actually houses and showed how architecture evolved from one to another. With my outcome being based on Power and technology this would be perfect and the fact that these pieces were individually cut on a laser cutter and put together by hand linked even more and is a process I haven’t really used yet but would like to in the 2nd and 3rd year of my degree.

lamp 3d

Another artist I came across by the name of Marc Williams who lives in the United States that also makes 3D architecture lamps caught my eye for the same reasons as Lauren, and the use of shape made me think more of my images in my sketchbook and previous posts and how I could combine together to make a architecture based piece.

Next I researched into architecture holders and found quite a few that interested me and the range of materials was more broader than before which was helpful when thinking of ideas for the look of the piece.

architecture holders

Tis aspect of placing images onto surfaces seemed more realistic and successful than what I could have achieved before, and using lazertran and practice will be achievable for this resubmission


Finally these candleholders I took a keen interest in from picture sharing website Pintrest due to the shape and look of the pieces and how they fit the part and can visually be seen as candleholders in restaurants and homes inside and out.

(Thinking back)

Looking back I wish I had made my outcome in this material using a laser cutter, but when you are learning so many things most of which are completely new to me you feel overwhelmed but now I know I can only get better.


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