Reference images

Up to this point using the resources available to me and from my sketchbooks I looked over my original rough sketches and thought long and hard about the skills that I had learnt and materials I had used in the first year. From this I decided I was going to make a candle/tea light holder that would be displayed on a table in a restaurant or an individuals home environment.

To do this I took my original sketches and annotated them to show how I would create this in uni and at home with the resources and what would hinder me in creating the piece without the resources of  the university.

Looking at the idea for the lamp I discovered that to do this to a high quality I wood need a woodturning machine and to get the best finish and to maintain this finish for the long run period i would need the advice of the technician Nigel. Plus making a circular Marquette would be difficult and the quality would be noticeably weak. So the best option would be the tea light/candle holder idea

(lamp rough sketch)

drawn lamp

From annotation I discovered that to get the best look would require a lot of manipulation and a more simpler shape as a template to begin the process of.

as a rough design i sketched up what i would like the piece to look like, at this point it would take several attempts to get a size that wasn’t to big and wasn’t to small.

(original tealight idea)

tealight drawn


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