Summer Project (rough plan)

Over the summer holidays in preparation for term two of Artist Designer Maker i have been asked to look around my local art galleries etc and travel to any if i am able to such as London. The purpose for this is to set in your mind what kind of maker in the sense of process techniques and materials you are interested in and see yourself working in.

At this stage i like working in all materials, making mistakes and learning from them. In particular one material i have enjoyed working and experimenting in is glass and speaking to the Maker technician Martyn has only furthered this interest.

Taking this into account i have made a rough note of exhibitions and other art related events to use for this project. Such as

  • Llantarnan – Small museum and cafe in Cwmbran
  • Fragile – ceramic exhibition within Cardiff Museum
  • Cardiff Museum
  • Newport Museum and art galley
  • Craft in the bay

and anymore i happen to come across but i hope this will be a good start


Explaining the process (Re submission)

explaining the process

In order to make this piece I would first need to make the piece in clay, moulding each piece by hand and as shown I believe that dividing the piece into five separate parts will work best fingers crossed and when plaster molded will give enough variation to tweak thing before putting the piece together. Once the piece is bisque fired and slip cast fired I would using white crackle glaze apply to the column and archway parts the glaze and fire the piece in the outdoor kiln area and hopefully the images will be able to attach to the unglazed areas and the piece will be complete.

Moving forward

Having done the best i can within the timescale and resources available to me all i can do regarding my field project is wait for the results that i hope will be positive.

With this project wrapped up i can now concentrate on Pips summer project task ready for this coming September. And taking on my tutor Jon’s advice i will practice and try to improve my quality control over the materials i have available and research into how i can improve and where i have been going wrong. And from this i will hopefully get a better picture of where my strengths lie which for the coming projects will show me the materials i best work with and give me a better idea of what i can make and what kind of career paths i can aim towards achieving.

250 WORD ESSAY (Re submission) Finding the links

Looking at my work individually i believe that my collaboration discussions has fine tuned the other members of the group understanding of the piece visually in their mind so they have a rough idea of what to expect in the final piece. My multiple disciplinary task influenced me as did the members of my team by examining the city and the structural essence of the city as we focused on the architecture and form of the city individually and pulled this altogether in a 2D illustration. I then used this idea and reversed it so instead of using photographs to create drawings by hand i would use photographs to create the details of the city on the structure of the piece. So in effect the collaborative discussions focus on 2D illustrations linking the city and the body was manipulated in this piece by using architecture and imagery around Cardiff as a template and the person looking at the piece on the table would be the link back to the project. Also the collaborative discussions made me focus as a maker how i could take the idea of architecture in 2D form and place the imagery on a 3D functional form which as a maker student is what i am  expected to do. Also the link of power and technology is linked from the collaborative discussions in the sense that technology manipulates the world around us in particular architecture which is seen through the look of the outcomes and manipulation of the viewers mind to be more aware of their surroundings links to power of the mind in the subject base of the project.

This is how i believe the collaborative discussions have influenced me in this particular outcome and i hope i will be able to pass this piece and back in uni achieve what i am unable to achieve at home due to the lack of equipment and resources. Only when this has been achieved will i be able to tell if anymore manipulation is needed or anymore problems will occur.

Development (Re submission)

With the Marquette finished i am unable to progress any further as the next stage in the process is to make the piece in clay which i don’t have enough left over to make the piece to scale but obviously i do not have the kiln facilities either so i will be unable to fire the piece until September past the deadline.

Due to the shape and form of the piece i would create the clay model in 5 separate parts as it would be extremely difficult to plaster mold the piece as one and to get the best quality i would need Caroline’s help and advice on how would be the best way to pull this of. My overall intention is to make the piece in clay in separate parts to make the process easier, photograph the piece in clay form and bisque fire it before plaster molding it, slipping it together and putting the images seen on the Marquette onto the plaster using the lazertran paper which is suitable for plaster but not for clay and for the columns and other areas that remain white i am hoping to Raku fire them before putting the images on but only in the exposed areas where images cannot be put on. And then it is complete.

Critiquing the piece i am worried that this will not meet the percentage mark and that my wording isn’t exactly clear but i hope this is not the case as i am also concerned about the look of the piece and whether the image to intended Raku pieces is to unbalanced.

I am hopeful my reasoning and explanation is understood and i will be able to progress forward into the second year of maker.

photo tweaking (Re submission)

For the arch parts on both the upper and lower part of the piece i will have to carve the background areas of the photos out before carving into clay to create a better quality look but i believe for the moment it would be better to do this in plaster rather than on clay as this would be the more simpler and efficient option.

archway church

archway bridge

Completed piece evaluation (Re submission)

overall i am happier with this outcome, as i now have a piece that is 3D and shows what i was trying to achieve when explaining my ideas to my tutors and to a group. This piece is a table decoration that can hold a tealight or a candle and is meant to symbolize the shape of the city and architecture of the city. The aim is to draw the viewers eye once they are occupied by the piece on the table in front of them and as they travel through the city they notice the architecture the piece is based on as i believe that when you are busy running day to day errands you don’t have much time if any to notice the detail of your surroundings so by noticing this piece it makes the person see more of the city and more of the perspective of the city.