Images for final piece (Re submission)

With the shape and size to my satisfaction I began to look through my pictures to find suitable images to use for the Lazertran application of my images onto the material of the piece. Basically imagine the process of an image ironed onto a T-shirt only you rub it on by hand in this instance till the image is stuck in the position of your intention on the outcome.

For the background of the upper and lower part of the Marquette and the final outcome which i need to make in clay and fire in the kiln before making a plaster cast of to make a slip cast plaster piece, which is the intended material end for this piece as Lazertran works on plaster of any form but not on any form of clay fired or not.

Brick image for outcome


This image will be on both parts of the piece but due to the different sizes of both of the parts when combined together the images will have to be cropped to fit to the best of my ability and as it is my intention to put a window image on the lower part of the piece the middle area will have to be cut out of the print as shown. To reference to the city the brick photo is a chunk of the Cardiff Castle wall that meets at eye level with gargoyle statues.

(Images combined to size requirement)

The next stage was more time consuming than i had thought as printing the images to see what they looked like on the Marquette was resulting in the pieces being to small or to big and using a lot of ink but in the end i managed to get a size image that looked right. all that remained was to mash the two together.

just right to big

and here is the finished result


For a Marquette i was quite happy with the result. The images used are two of the windows of the church known as the Church of John the Baptist. with these images being reduced in size i was unsure of whether they would be visible colour wise to the eye but i was pleasantly surprised.

church window 1 window 2

For the arch pieces separating the two separate pieces of the model i took pictures of the wall of the the same church as the stain glass windows and the other of the side of a bridge near the Cardiff Millennium Stadium.

archway bridge archway church

With these selected images now at a printed size i am happy with i began to apply them to the accurate sized model Marquette. To document the process of this outcome i divided the top and bottom half of the piece into two different posts showing with imagery how the piece was put together in card and the images were put on.


And for the column architecture piece i will be using this as a template which will be raku fired as the angle of all my images is not accurate enough to look the part.


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