Development (Re submission)

With the Marquette finished i am unable to progress any further as the next stage in the process is to make the piece in clay which i don’t have enough left over to make the piece to scale but obviously i do not have the kiln facilities either so i will be unable to fire the piece until September past the deadline.

Due to the shape and form of the piece i would create the clay model in 5 separate parts as it would be extremely difficult to plaster mold the piece as one and to get the best quality i would need Caroline’s help and advice on how would be the best way to pull this of. My overall intention is to make the piece in clay in separate parts to make the process easier, photograph the piece in clay form and bisque fire it before plaster molding it, slipping it together and putting the images seen on the Marquette onto the plaster using the lazertran paper which is suitable for plaster but not for clay and for the columns and other areas that remain white i am hoping to Raku fire them before putting the images on but only in the exposed areas where images cannot be put on. And then it is complete.

Critiquing the piece i am worried that this will not meet the percentage mark and that my wording isn’t exactly clear but i hope this is not the case as i am also concerned about the look of the piece and whether the image to intended Raku pieces is to unbalanced.

I am hopeful my reasoning and explanation is understood and i will be able to progress forward into the second year of maker.


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