250 WORD ESSAY (Re submission) Finding the links

Looking at my work individually i believe that my collaboration discussions has fine tuned the other members of the group understanding of the piece visually in their mind so they have a rough idea of what to expect in the final piece. My multiple disciplinary task influenced me as did the members of my team by examining the city and the structural essence of the city as we focused on the architecture and form of the city individually and pulled this altogether in a 2D illustration. I then used this idea and reversed it so instead of using photographs to create drawings by hand i would use photographs to create the details of the city on the structure of the piece. So in effect the collaborative discussions focus on 2D illustrations linking the city and the body was manipulated in this piece by using architecture and imagery around Cardiff as a template and the person looking at the piece on the table would be the link back to the project. Also the collaborative discussions made me focus as a maker how i could take the idea of architecture in 2D form and place the imagery on a 3D functional form which as a maker student is what i am  expected to do. Also the link of power and technology is linked from the collaborative discussions in the sense that technology manipulates the world around us in particular architecture which is seen through the look of the outcomes and manipulation of the viewers mind to be more aware of their surroundings links to power of the mind in the subject base of the project.

This is how i believe the collaborative discussions have influenced me in this particular outcome and i hope i will be able to pass this piece and back in uni achieve what i am unable to achieve at home due to the lack of equipment and resources. Only when this has been achieved will i be able to tell if anymore manipulation is needed or anymore problems will occur.


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