Summer Project (rough plan)

Over the summer holidays in preparation for term two of Artist Designer Maker i have been asked to look around my local art galleries etc and travel to any if i am able to such as London. The purpose for this is to set in your mind what kind of maker in the sense of process techniques and materials you are interested in and see yourself working in.

At this stage i like working in all materials, making mistakes and learning from them. In particular one material i have enjoyed working and experimenting in is glass and speaking to the Maker technician Martyn has only furthered this interest.

Taking this into account i have made a rough note of exhibitions and other art related events to use for this project. Such as

  • Llantarnan – Small museum and cafe in Cwmbran
  • Fragile – ceramic exhibition within Cardiff Museum
  • Cardiff Museum
  • Newport Museum and art galley
  • Craft in the bay

and anymore i happen to come across but i hope this will be a good start


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