Starting Second Year (Artist Designer Maker)

Well the day has arrived second year has commenced. Terrified of what is to come but hey who isn’t these days, looking forward to seeing my friends again, getting settled back in to uni life and realize why I was glad of the time off. Where we will all progress with our individual practical specialisms, how our choices for field and constellation will shape our future artist portfolio and so much more.

Last year I regret not asking for help I obviously needed and i intend not to be that inconsistent in that area this time around as this could be the difference of a higher degree or lower degree and not just that any further qualifications and potential avenues you may wish to go in to so all or nothing scenario.

But what must be remembered is whats done is done and the past cant be allowed to define you or it will destroy so onwards and upwards, look forward to what is to become, cherish what has gone and look into the future ready for what is to come.


Summer project 15 images breakdown.

In order to start and finish the summer project to the best of my ability I divided the segments of information up to make it easier to work through and make sure I dont miss or misunderstand anything. By doing this I discovered individual bits of information:-

  1. What is Contemporary Art, Design and Craft?
  2. Is your chosen imagery relatable to your work as a creative practitioner and how so?
  3. Why these Images/pieces is it the concepts, the materials or their functions?
  4. How is this work displayed to the general public and potential company interest?

As well as this once I have selected my 15 images analyse them in more detail asking questions such as

  • Why was this piece/pieces made?
  • How was it made?
  • Who for ?
  • What materials is it made from?
  • How is this piece/pieces valued ?
  • What is its function ?
  • How many of these pieces have been made ?
  • What is its social, historical or political impact or importance ?

A lot of this I really struggled to understand so their is a good chance a lot of this will be called out during tutorials, but all you can do is try. Once this is achieved i have to analyze where these pieces would be situated and which events would you display them at.

Research into events such as

  • Collect
  • Tent
  • 100% Design

And from these events how :-

  • Are they significant in advertising and displaying individuals work ?
  • Who are the potential buyers/ investors in the work ?
  • What are the benefits of visiting and displaying work in such events ?
  • And if you were exhibiting what would you have to think about in order to be successful at such events ?

Dismaland The world of Banksy

Dismaland a desolate abandoned pier by the sea in Weston Super Mare opening the world to the mind of the mysterious unknown Banksy. A perfectly dismal way to spend the days queuing for hours in the pouring rain, well all part of the Banksy experience I suppose. Having known of Banksy work since I started my Gcses to see his work up close means more than it ever could researching about it. I feel that you have to be their to truly appreciate the work rather than an image of the piece. Because a picture can mean a thousand words but being there you see, the reactions of other visitors, the size of the piece and the feel of the piece.



Overall the hectic queuing and staff that look like given a chance will take it, certainly gives you an understanding of how an artist that has changed the way we perceive our area of interest.through unconventional means.

Lets face it though Banksy seems to hit on the head a lot of what really angers the general population from war to politics, And does all this from behind the scenes like wearing a mask in clear view. The general feeling is that Banksy aims to provoke but brings to the table what art is apparently lacking a meaning a purpose a message as it were. These days artists create pieces and sell them for well above what should be asked. It seems we are more interested in the size of our pockets than the quality of work.we are selling granted we want to pay the bills and afford the luxuries but is this the way you could argue, do you do it for money, the fame or the meaning and your own voice of expressionism. Banksy seems to say all this and I hope my work can follow this path in my own way. Throughout the exhibit thinking back over the year of learning on maker as I mingled around the exhibits I picked out the ones that caught my eye and tried to contextualize the meaning behind them to gain a better understanding of not just how I think but how others make me think what I think.




There were many exhibits in Dismaland that I didn’t understand but could see meaning behind and this has given me a better insight into the life of being an Artist, Designer or Maker. and to see whether I have improved I took a few images of work and tried to find the hidden meaning behind them.

Summer project update

With the summer project completed I am hopeful that I have done what is requested from the brief. Through the images selected I have tried to find pieces or series of objects that cover the three areas being:-

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Craft

Contemporary Design

Thinking through these images my work seems to be moving in the direction of craft rather than art or design. My reasoning for this is that all my work is aimed at having a purpose as art has a meaning rather than a purpose is my understanding. As an example Banksy doesn’t consider himself an artist but rather an entrance point to his way of thinking which to my belief would make him more of a Fine artist but unconventional to many artists in the history of art from the beginning till now. And I don’t believe my work is of a design nature, As in my work I try to make the object have a purpose but maybe hide a meaning into the process that makes it stand out. So craft is something that is made by hand or by hand with the use of a machine of some sort but design is planning the look and possible problems of a piece but once it has been made is it a design or a crafted piece this is the area I don’t fully understand but in time and with research I will be more understanding of.

Overall as my degree course progresses i hope to continue analyzing this as well as the methods of gaining better insight and control over the materials being used and just what it is I am trying to achieve and how will I do this. Taking this into account ive attempted to answer all the questions asked to think about and during group discussion relay these ideas and see what everyone else thinks

What is the context of Contemporary

In the first year of maker in particular the first task was to create two pieces that focused on one of the three areas of making process or two pieces that fall into the same category with these areas being:-

Craft :- an activity that involves making something in a skillful way by using your hands, dependent on the material in use will depend on what techniques and skills are required.

Design :- a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made.

Fine Art :- an outcome meant to instill a greater meaning to the viewer for political or personal meanings

In my second year I believe this will develop these three areas but the focus will develop more into the area of contemporary art. IN its most varied form contemporary means :-

  • Living or occurring at the same time
  • Dating from the same time
  • Belonging to or occurring in the present
  • Following modern ideas in style or design

So in an arts definition contemporary means an artist that is working in the 21st century in their work and processes using the influences of the world in the here and now.

So at this stage I assume in all honesty that what i create must fit into one of these existing areas which i did struggle to decipher between in my first year but with practice and without the fear of asking for help when necessary as without taking a risk youll never know and will not be able to progress to the best of your ability.

Summer project london visit

Hopefully next week prior to the start of the second year of Maker I hope to attend a series of exhibition events for artists in Central London such as:-



100 DESIGN :-

these events will hopefully give me a better insight into the direction I can push my work in for the next two years of my  course giving me a better idea of the type of audience my work would attract, How to present work in an appealing way to the passing audience, and what potential buyers or potential employers are looking for artistically.

Cwmbran street market

Whilst catching up with a few friends in Cwmbran I happened to stumble across the local craft market of the area, I found the variety and materials being used quite extraordinary seeming to have something to everyone’s taste. Thinking about the summer project I was drawn to two particular artists all of which were selling different types of art pieces. The first

Shan Rimmer (Glass artist) (

Due to my recent interest in glass as a material for an artist career route, I was interested in these works because unlike pieces you would find in an exhibition where the artist has the overall control on the product from the early development to the piece you see in the gallery. What was great was that Shan had a selection of existing types of drinking glasses that have been fired so that they are wash friendly. What I liked about this process is the fact that so far ive never come across an individual that does this and could even if she decided to make designs to the buyers desire to appeal to the biggest market possible. (Official Facebook webpage)

glass pieces

And secondly was

Daydream Sisters (Gemma Cox) (

Gemma Cox’s work drew my attention due to the use of color and the variety of different colors used in each canvas piece. Being a fellow graduate of an interior design course from a family background in the arts market its nice to see recent graduates getting their first break on the art career ladder. the idea of using pattern on different materials and producing a very high quality is something I hope to take as an influence in my second and third year of my degree in Cardiff and hopefully my work will be up in a stall to the general public in the near future. With some good gift ideas in the future leading up to the festive holidays. (Official Facebook webpage)