Cwmbran street market

Whilst catching up with a few friends in Cwmbran I happened to stumble across the local craft market of the area, I found the variety and materials being used quite extraordinary seeming to have something to everyone’s taste. Thinking about the summer project I was drawn to two particular artists all of which were selling different types of art pieces. The first

Shan Rimmer (Glass artist) (

Due to my recent interest in glass as a material for an artist career route, I was interested in these works because unlike pieces you would find in an exhibition where the artist has the overall control on the product from the early development to the piece you see in the gallery. What was great was that Shan had a selection of existing types of drinking glasses that have been fired so that they are wash friendly. What I liked about this process is the fact that so far ive never come across an individual that does this and could even if she decided to make designs to the buyers desire to appeal to the biggest market possible. (Official Facebook webpage)

glass pieces

And secondly was

Daydream Sisters (Gemma Cox) (

Gemma Cox’s work drew my attention due to the use of color and the variety of different colors used in each canvas piece. Being a fellow graduate of an interior design course from a family background in the arts market its nice to see recent graduates getting their first break on the art career ladder. the idea of using pattern on different materials and producing a very high quality is something I hope to take as an influence in my second and third year of my degree in Cardiff and hopefully my work will be up in a stall to the general public in the near future. With some good gift ideas in the future leading up to the festive holidays. (Official Facebook webpage)



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