Dismaland The world of Banksy

Dismaland a desolate abandoned pier by the sea in Weston Super Mare opening the world to the mind of the mysterious unknown Banksy. A perfectly dismal way to spend the days queuing for hours in the pouring rain, well all part of the Banksy experience I suppose. Having known of Banksy work since I started my Gcses to see his work up close means more than it ever could researching about it. I feel that you have to be their to truly appreciate the work rather than an image of the piece. Because a picture can mean a thousand words but being there you see, the reactions of other visitors, the size of the piece and the feel of the piece.



Overall the hectic queuing and staff that look like given a chance will take it, certainly gives you an understanding of how an artist that has changed the way we perceive our area of interest.through unconventional means.

Lets face it though Banksy seems to hit on the head a lot of what really angers the general population from war to politics, And does all this from behind the scenes like wearing a mask in clear view. The general feeling is that Banksy aims to provoke but brings to the table what art is apparently lacking a meaning a purpose a message as it were. These days artists create pieces and sell them for well above what should be asked. It seems we are more interested in the size of our pockets than the quality of work.we are selling granted we want to pay the bills and afford the luxuries but is this the way you could argue, do you do it for money, the fame or the meaning and your own voice of expressionism. Banksy seems to say all this and I hope my work can follow this path in my own way. Throughout the exhibit thinking back over the year of learning on maker as I mingled around the exhibits I picked out the ones that caught my eye and tried to contextualize the meaning behind them to gain a better understanding of not just how I think but how others make me think what I think.




There were many exhibits in Dismaland that I didn’t understand but could see meaning behind and this has given me a better insight into the life of being an Artist, Designer or Maker. and to see whether I have improved I took a few images of work and tried to find the hidden meaning behind them.


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