Summer project update

With the summer project completed I am hopeful that I have done what is requested from the brief. Through the images selected I have tried to find pieces or series of objects that cover the three areas being:-

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Craft

Contemporary Design

Thinking through these images my work seems to be moving in the direction of craft rather than art or design. My reasoning for this is that all my work is aimed at having a purpose as art has a meaning rather than a purpose is my understanding. As an example Banksy doesn’t consider himself an artist but rather an entrance point to his way of thinking which to my belief would make him more of a Fine artist but unconventional to many artists in the history of art from the beginning till now. And I don’t believe my work is of a design nature, As in my work I try to make the object have a purpose but maybe hide a meaning into the process that makes it stand out. So craft is something that is made by hand or by hand with the use of a machine of some sort but design is planning the look and possible problems of a piece but once it has been made is it a design or a crafted piece this is the area I don’t fully understand but in time and with research I will be more understanding of.

Overall as my degree course progresses i hope to continue analyzing this as well as the methods of gaining better insight and control over the materials being used and just what it is I am trying to achieve and how will I do this. Taking this into account ive attempted to answer all the questions asked to think about and during group discussion relay these ideas and see what everyone else thinks


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