Starting Second Year (Artist Designer Maker)

Well the day has arrived second year has commenced. Terrified of what is to come but hey who isn’t these days, looking forward to seeing my friends again, getting settled back in to uni life and realize why I was glad of the time off. Where we will all progress with our individual practical specialisms, how our choices for field and constellation will shape our future artist portfolio and so much more.

Last year I regret not asking for help I obviously needed and i intend not to be that inconsistent in that area this time around as this could be the difference of a higher degree or lower degree and not just that any further qualifications and potential avenues you may wish to go in to so all or nothing scenario.

But what must be remembered is whats done is done and the past cant be allowed to define you or it will destroy so onwards and upwards, look forward to what is to become, cherish what has gone and look into the future ready for what is to come.


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