Summer project 15 images breakdown.

In order to start and finish the summer project to the best of my ability I divided the segments of information up to make it easier to work through and make sure I dont miss or misunderstand anything. By doing this I discovered individual bits of information:-

  1. What is Contemporary Art, Design and Craft?
  2. Is your chosen imagery relatable to your work as a creative practitioner and how so?
  3. Why these Images/pieces is it the concepts, the materials or their functions?
  4. How is this work displayed to the general public and potential company interest?

As well as this once I have selected my 15 images analyse them in more detail asking questions such as

  • Why was this piece/pieces made?
  • How was it made?
  • Who for ?
  • What materials is it made from?
  • How is this piece/pieces valued ?
  • What is its function ?
  • How many of these pieces have been made ?
  • What is its social, historical or political impact or importance ?

A lot of this I really struggled to understand so their is a good chance a lot of this will be called out during tutorials, but all you can do is try. Once this is achieved i have to analyze where these pieces would be situated and which events would you display them at.

Research into events such as

  • Collect
  • Tent
  • 100% Design

And from these events how :-

  • Are they significant in advertising and displaying individuals work ?
  • Who are the potential buyers/ investors in the work ?
  • What are the benefits of visiting and displaying work in such events ?
  • And if you were exhibiting what would you have to think about in order to be successful at such events ?

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