Constellation (Second year)

Much like last year constellation has come around again and it is time to pick who you want to pick for lecture talks in preparation for writing our dissertation essay in preparation for the ten thousand piece dissertation that will be done in third year. There are a few familiar faces this year from the options available in first year and like last year next week I must opt for which i would prefer to study and which i dont fancy doing the option this year are:-

  • Archeologies of seeing and knowing – Martyn Woodward 
  • Puzzling out contemporary art – Jon Clarkson
  • Stuff, objects and materiality – Ashley Morgan
  • Mannerism – Mahnaz Shah      
  • Guises of the absurd – Cath Davis 
  • Art and science – Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos  
  • Theory as an object – Rita Cachao

Based on the lecture today I am moving in the direction of Martyn Woodward’s (archeoligies of seeing and knowing) or Jon Clarkson’s Puzzling out contemporary art. Hopefully ill be able to get one of these two options but will have to wait and see till next week fingers crossed.


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