Project breakdowns

Getting back into the good old maker zone our new project briefs were delivered.As a collective we all have to complete, design and make a bronze medal to enter the BAMS competition. And in order to achieve the criteria needed to pass this stage of the course a choice of two additional optional live briefs were introduced, and like the medal project (BAMS) and the criteria for that competition a set of requirements were given but with these two unlike BAMS you can choose which one you want or prefer to work towards entering. The two optional projects are:-

  • Designing a working and efficient lamp from prototype to design plans to creating and photographing the completed design piece.
  • Designing a piece that reinvent the purpose and creation of existing products to reduce the problems of existing products making them more friendly to the environment and effective in purpose.

At this stage I believe that both projects are really beneficial to me as a creative practitioner but the lamp project seems like the more fitting for my strengths as the design project I  fear would bring out my weaknesses. From this stage all the work that is being made is towards our individual portfolios of work that upon graduation we would present on our own websites and to potential clients and businesses interested in employing us individually I would imagine so achieving a high level of quality now and entering competitions such as this would definitely give the edge you need to kick-start our individual careers and showing the versatility and  flexibility of the skills and ideas brought with your work.


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