The British Art Medal Society Project

The first project of the year The British Art Medal Society Project Competition Brief

The requirements of this entry profile is a two-sided medal piece that will be entered and judged through respected individuals that are experts in the field such as Silversmith Julian Cross and Melanie Vandenbrouck of the Greenwich Museum,London.

This competition will see entrants from all across the UK and possibly beyond if I am not mistaken, To help formulate a medal of the highest quality to the areas of focus for the competition, Entrants need to focus on the following elements to the best of their ability :-

  • Modelling, Construction, Use of edge
  • The most developed theme between the two sides
  • Most imaginative dialogue between the two sides
  • Innovation in the medium, Patination, Portraiture, referential work, as to another artist
  • The plane and perspective and expression of an abstract idea

As long as the medal meets one or two of these separate areas everything should be cracker jacking.

As well as a variety of areas to focus on there is a variety of awards up for grabs these include:-

  • The grand first prize presented by the Worshipful Company of Founders with a prize money sum of £750 PLUS £100 for costs covering the casting of one medal.
  • Second prize awarded by Thomas Fattorini & Co with a prize money sum of £ 500
  • A prize for the best politically messaged medal
  • And the Eric Gill Society Prize awarded for the best use of lettering.

To even get into the final selection group which at this stage is a mystery number of its own is an accomplishment. Guidelines for the finalized medal piece that we are entering into are very upfront and specific basically :-

Standard medals are made in bronze but for a more varied look and appearance in the selection process allowance have been made for

  • Pewter, Ceramic, Copper, Enameling and Glass

As there is flexibility with materials there however is requirements that need to be met which are:-

  • The medal must fit comfortably in your hand 
  • Must not weigh more than a kilo as light as is possible basically
  • Must be as thin as is physically possible
  • Must not become a three-dimensional object pared down.

Admittedly there are a few details that I am unsure of and will require more looking into before things have got to in-depth project wise. And in order to stick to my word due to events last year I will ask for help mainly to see if im doing what the brief is requiring and the standard is satisfactory, Better now than later at this stage. Honestly I am excited to be doing this project and the possibility of having something I have made being in an open exhibition before I have even graduated is really thrilling time will tell I suppose.


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