Claire Curneen (modelling workshop)

Claire Curneen whose background lies in Ceramics went through the processes and types of clay used in making the pieces she makes as a ceramic artist as well as in her practice at Cardiff Metropolitan. What is fascinating about Claire’s work is the process of making her pieces by shaping the form of the piece with her hands and modelling it together in the same way.

For the medal project an idea that hit me straight away is the idea of a surface pattern that the holder would feel as they brushed over it with their hand that relates to the object within the piece. Such as:-

A tree = A bark pattern raised and lowered and shaped as it would be on a tree itself

A leaf = A pattern of the lining of the leaf imprinted and raised to give relief and impression in the mould material

There were many examples of the possible outcomes and processes that could be achieved as you can see …

Discussing with Claire my idea for the possible finalized medal piece

She really liked the illustrative look of the pieces/ sketches of different objects and the idea of surface patterns relevant to the surface that I am intending it to be placed on, Claire advised making molds of these ideas and finding the best possible way of making a mould that more than one material can be put into. These are some of the examples made to help guide us through the medal project.





Throughout these examples there are many things I liked and will annotate at a later stage individually and how this method and look will affect my future and current practice.


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