Constellation Week 1/ What is to come

Constellation has come round again and thankfully I managed to get my first option, luck it seems is on my side. Last year in constellation with Martyn I found it surprising how much of constellation related to my practice in Maker and helped with the written side of the course and how this will help with the essay practice ready for the dissertation practice this year and the finalized essay next year.

This year there are a few familiar faces from last year taking this option which seems really popular throughout the practices across the school of Art and Design most notably Maker and Illustration and will continue to revisit in a broader and slower sense the topics of level 4 and practical theory’s in preparation for the essay grade part of our overall course degree.

This year with Martyn as a group and individually will be looking at as well as other things :-

– The problems of teleological, “linear history”.
– The coexistence of different ways of seeing and knowing.
– Reading history through objects.
– Archaeologies of bodies and things.
– Writing non-linear micro-histories.

And in groups and as individuals we will be looking into topics that focus on strengthening our academic writing skills such as:-

– Strategies to write about your practice as a mode of research;
– Understanding different modes of knowledge production;
– How to read and synthesize texts;
– How to find, and be confident with, your own writing style and voice.

Hopefully as the lectures go on improvement will be seen from last year in the structure of my essay layout and my analysis of my own work and the artists I am using as influences.


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