Analyzing Constellation Week 1

To start of constellation we were first told of the way things were going to be done throughout the three terms and what is expected of each of us in the three terms and beyond that in regards to work and deadlines set.

Like first year evidence must be shown on our personal blogs of taking in information and interpreting what is said in our own ways. which is essential with each Friday constellation lasting 5 hours. At this moment in time all that needs to be focused about is making notes about each constellation lecture and a feedback analysis of between 500 – 1000 words about constellation in the sense of what we have learned and how this has been manipulated and forms the basis of our practice which is due on November 27th.

TASK 1 John Gray a point of view :- The abolition of man

Martyn began by talking through what will be happening every week in each lecture in regards to the content highlighted on Moodle, Today’s first lecture focused on a podcast by John Gray titled “The Abolition of man”. There were four pieces of information that we had to be aware of and make notes of during the talk which were:-

  • What is being argued
  • What is being argued against
  • What are the key points
  • What is the take home message 

I found this particularly useful as a task due to the way that individually you have to decide what is important and what isn’t important information much like when creating an outcome on Maker you have to decide who you are influenced by and who you are not. And why this process wont work and how can you show in a time conscious way this wont work.

From the podcast there seemed to be several central themes such as

  • The technologies of now and the future
  • What is seen as strengths and what is seen as weakness
  • What makes us human

There were many more areas than this but in my mind and memory these were three important areas that stuck out. My reasoning for this is that as a Maker naturally its my role to design, question and create a piece for commission a particular market or a client. This podcast would make all of this irrelevant as it argued as a species we are trying to achieve a god like plane of existence even immortality but what is the point of starting something if you know that it will never end. Why strive to achieve perfection when it can destroy accidents that have revolutionized the world we live in and most importantly, What is the point of being an individual creatively and physically if your going to be morphed into a drone that would basically make you look like something that comes of a production line. I believe strongly this year I have chosen the right areas to study on and backed ideas that I know are difficult but not impossible to meet in regards to an outcome which i didn’t feel as much last year so things seem to be turning full circle. Just have to make sure it stays that way.


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