(Bams) medal artist research (Paul Huybrecht)

As the end all piece for the (BAMS) project is a medal in order to get a better idea of existing medals to compare to the requirements of the brief I researched on the medal website and found two different medals to compare and contrast to. The first medal I found was by artist Paul Huybrecht entitled the “Wreck of the Titanic”. 

wreck of the titanic image 1wreck of the titanic image 2

Paul’s medal focuses on the Titanic between when the titanic was afloat and when the ship was struck and sank. On the lighter side there is a message “THE RMS TITANIC SANK ON HER MAIDEN TRIP AFTER STRIKING AN ICEBERG ON APRIL 14, 1912. THE WRECK OF THE RMS TITANIC WAS DESIGNATED AS AN INTERNATIONAL MARITIME MEMORIAL ON OCTOBER 21, 1986”. As a template piece to critique I can see how the two sides link together and how I can show this on my own medal. As well as the imagery I have a better idea of the level of detail that is expected and can be achieved in material and size processes. From this I hope to continue to experiment with imagery so that one side corresponds to the other and there is a definite and noticeable meaning between the two as well as looking into the possibilities of what the medal edge will look and feel like and what the medal will stand for and how it will be displayed.


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