Lamp project end of week review

As another week ends the projects are slowly but surely making their way to the final making process:-

LAMP:- For the lamp project I am torn between a young child/baby designed based outcome and a lamp for the more maturer market so to speak. With this in mind I have decided to keep with both ideas throughout my sketchbook but separate so that during tutorials and group talks I am able to distinguish between the two and explain the difference in the look of the two different possible prototypes and outcomes. At this stage with the November formative assessment deadline approaching a prototype and accompanying sketchbook evidence and design boards are expected and a rough idea of how you are going to make this and from this the tutors will decide whether I individually will be entered into this competition or whether the piece will remain as an internal marked project per say. So for the moment I intend to develop and investigate as much as I can to the requirements and necessities of the brief for both the child and the adult light. Once I have a better idea of if I am meeting the brief requirements I will be able to tell which age is going to work better for the project and which is the more confident one to present at the formative assessment.


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