Constellation week two

Starting of another week of constellation this week our lecture focused in particular on three different reading materials

  • Design Away – Cameron Tonkinwise
  • International Picture Language
  • The Blind Men And The Elephant

To my understanding all three texts argue different things all of which in some shape or form relates to our individual practices whether we are makers, illustrators or product designers.

International Picture Language 

This text as a collective and individually seemed very opinionated and judgemental against the female population and non english speaking areas of the world. Basically stereotyping how to live and how you should live your life and how other languages alter the way you live your life location wise and when travelling.

The Blind Men And The Elephant

elephantillustration of an elephant

As you can guess from the title the story was about six blind men who were trying to depict through touch physically than seeing visually what an elephant looks like :-

  1. The first blind man fell against the side of the elephant and said “God bless me but this Elephant is very like a wall!.”
  2. The second blind man felt the tusk of the elephant and said “This wonder of an Elephant is very like a spear!”.
  3. The third blind man felt the trunk of the elephant and said “I see this Elephant is very like a snake.”
  4. The fourth blind man felt the knee of the elephant and said “This is clear enough the Elephant is like a tree”.
  5. The fifth blind man stumbled across the elephants ears and said ” This marvel of an Elephant is very like a fan!”.
  6. The sixth blind man grabbed ahold of the elephant’s tail and said “I see this Elephant is very like a rope”.

This text in my own understanding symbolises how different the senses of seeing and touching in objects is when put into a practical example. If I was able to feel an object I would imagine that the shape would help me draw the object even if I am not sure what the object is and then see whether I was right or wrong or in between.

Design Away

The third text focuses more on the practical and mental thinking processes that we go through from designing to making to displaying the finished outcome in its finalized state. One particular quote that caught my attention was

” I don’t teach students how to design; my job is to get them to think about what they are going to design and why”. And ” Yes I suppose that’s right. My colleagues teach the students to design stuff, and I teach them not to.”

This gives me the impression that we are being convinced to believe that in order to move forward we first need to go back to the very start by not designing. So if we want to be successful we need to understand :-

  • Why we make 
  • How we make 

and so many more questions. The lectures so far have been really useful and have better adapted me to second year than I thought would have been possible and time will tell how much of this has rubbed of and how this affects my creative and thinking process.


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