Defining the medal

With just under a week until the formative assessment from martin’s advice I attempted to silicone mould one side of my completed medal. If im honest im worried that the piece doesn’t look like and when its finished will not be of a high quality that is expected. But at this stage it is a matter of waiting to see the results.

The medal

The medal focuses on one word “Sustainability” and how visual imagery can suggest this. My own understanding of what sustainability means is a form of object such as coal, fish and trees that has been adapting and evolving over the years to be what it has become now and how these resources are used to sustain us as a species but in the process are being used to the point that sustainability itself is becoming unstable. To explain what I mean through example take a:-

  • Tree = takes in carbon dioxide  gives of o2 = used for paper and firewood

as an example a tree helps us breath and creates furniture and paper which in a sense is sustainable if more trees are planted but for every tree we cut down there is a highly likely chance the local animals and natural process will be Affected such as food, homes and shelter from the elements being a consequence.

Keeping all this in mind I want to keep to the idea from right at the beginning when given the medal brief, but make changes and alterations so that the final piece looks like what i hoped it would when finished.


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