Final week

These last five weeks have been a testing time pushing me into territories that my weaknesses as an Artist, Designer and Maker lie in and hopefully have shown how far I have come so far and how far I still need to go to reach the required high level of expectations.

By the end of this academic term I am aiming and hoping to :-

  • Completed or as close to completed a high quality medal possibly entirely or mostly in bronze.
  • The equivalent of 500 – 1000 words on constellation lectures.
  • Two completed sketchbooks on Delight In Light and BAMS medal or as close as is physically possible dependant on circumstances.
  • Two completed outcomes or prototypes dependant on requirements at the moment in time for assessment.
  • Completion of first field project and any necessities based upon that afterwards.

As well as many other things I am hopeful I can achieve all this with a moderate level of difficulty and a better understanding of my abilities and fingers crossed the feedback and end of year feedback will have highly positive results mark and feedback wise.


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